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T-Mobile touts that it now has 5G coverage in all 50 states

Published On : Tuesday Jun 02 2020

T-Mobile touts that it now has 5G coverage in all 50 states

T-Mobile is boosting its 5G footprint. After touting its launch of the first nationwide 5G network late last year, the carrier on Monday announced that it now offers 5G in parts of all 50 states.

The latest announcement, a deal between T-Mobile and Alaskan carrier GCI, will allow T-Mobile users in Alaska to roam on GCI’s new 5G network in Anchorage that was turned on in April. GCI users will be able to take advantage of T-Mobile’s 5G footprint when traveling in other states.


A regional provider of internet, TV and wireless services, GCI uses a combination of low-band and midband spectrum to offer 5G with download speeds that it claims are five times faster what it was able to offer with 4G LTE. Like T-Mobile, GCI uses the 600Mhz band as part of its low-band 5G network allowing for easier roaming between the two carriers’ respective customers.

Beyond Anchorage, the Alaskan carrier looks to expand its new network to Juneau, Fairbanks and “other fiber-served communities” though it has yet to reveal when those expansions will take place.

Source:- cnet


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