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Netflix finally spilled how many members it has region by region

Published On : Wednesday Dec 18 2019

Netflix finally spilled how many members it has region by region

Netflix detailed how big it is, region by region, outside the US for the first time Monday. Netflix’s biggest market by members is still the US and Canada, but Europe, the Middle East and Africa collectively come second — and they’re growing fast.

Netflix has long kept the nitty-gritty details of its international membership under wraps, even as it’s eclipsed the size of its domestic business. But Netflix has grown more relaxed about detailing numbers like these — and viewership stats — as competition like Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus ramps up.


Netflix had 47.4 million paying subscribers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, known as EMEA, at the end of September. That lags the 67.1 million Netflix members in the US and Canada. But EMEA is growing like gangbusters in comparison, up 40% from a year earlier versus just 6.5% growth in the US and Canada.

Latin America is Netflix’s third biggest market, at 29.4 million members with 22% growth from a year earlier. Asia-Pacific is the smallest with 14.5 million, but it also has the stronger growth rate at 53%.

The US and Canada market is also where Netflix makes the most revenue per subscriber, squeezing $13.08 a month out of each paying customer. EMEA makes $10.40 a month per user, Latin America makes $8.63, and Asia-Pacific makes $9.29.

The company disclosed the new figures ahead of a change to how it’ll report earnings for the final quarter of 2019. That report, which will be released in January, will start detailing these revenue and membership figures by region as a matter of course. In advance of that, Netflix shared its regional stats for the last three years in a filing Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Source:- cnet


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